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The BLANCO brand

There are plenty of reasons for exercising care when choosing a sink, taps and accessories. The sink works harder than almost any other appliance in your kitchen. It has to last at least 10- 12 years, possibly even longer. Your sink should offer maximum ergonomic comfort, in addition to being hygienic and anti-bacterial.

Water is an important element in your kitchen. Water is critical for preparing meals, cleaning up and for drinking. You need to be absolutely certain that the materials used to bring water in and out of your kitchen, support healthy living. Having a high-quality kitchen taps that you can rely on day after day for many years, is crucial. That’s why we set ourselves apart with the mission of achieving excellence in everything that we do..

Our Story

How is our society changing? How can we align modern design with the changing requirements of everyday life? These are the kinds of questions our team of curious designers ask themselves everyday. Apartments in big cities are getting smaller, so integrating functions more effectively within a sink station in order to save space represents a welcome technical challenge for our German design team.

We get to the heart of things to find thrilling new solutions. We have been winning awards for our work for years and will continue to strive toward designing new & exciting, award-winning products.

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