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Chrome finish soap dispenser.

Fixed soap dispensers prove to be lastingly effective for washing up at the sink, and can be operated with one hand. Kitchens require functional, simple solutions, as there’s always a lot to do and a need to be quick and practical. 

A soap dispenser that can be operated with one hand and does not take up any space at the edge of the sink can make your everyday life that bit easier.

  • Complements the most important working area of the kitchen
  • Easy to refill from above Chrome finish



No sink leaves our plant without undergoing a series of quality checks. When it comes to our faucets, we pay close attention to all parts that come into contact with water, and adhere to the highest standards when choosing materials. One of our departments is solely focused on ensuring that our high standards of quality are maintained across all areas of the company.


Extensive analyses of current trends, observation of international living, lifestyle habits and an ongoing dialogue with customers, form the foundation for our successful design concepts. The design department at BLANCO is in touch with renowned designers worldwide. Our designers work together to create user-oriented system solutions. Based on this information, “form follows function” is truly a reality. This results in the modern design classics that define BLANCO’s outstanding reputation. We walk the fine line between functionality, convenience and visual appeal. Numerous international awards attest to the company’s remarkable achievements in design.


As a family-owned company, BLANCO values sustainability and acknowledges its responsibility to society in a number of different ways. Since 2008, BLANCO has published a sustainability report every two years, and is committed to respecting ethical business principles.